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Video of storm
14th February

Road to be re-opened on Monday 19th May
David Owens, Assistant Head of Cornwall Council's Environment Service, gave the date on Radio Cornwall.
Speaking on the BBC Radio Cornwall Breakfast Programme, on Good Friday at about 8.10am, David Owens said
that the main road into Coverack will be opened "under traffic control" on Monday 19th May. Work will still need
to continue after 19th May to face the concrete sea wall with stone, to enhance its appearance.

All of the businesses in Coverack are open, and waiting to serve you!

Pindos 1912
There will be a talk on shipwrecks
by Brian Sherreff at St Peter's Hall,
Coverack on 23rd April at 7.30pm.

More details

Stone Cross
On Good Friday this cross of beach
pebbles was made on the sand

Pouring concrete
Pouring concrete on 17th April
Ian Richards
Ian Richards, from the Paris Hotel, said that a lot of his customers are staying away. He wondered if they will find somewhere else to go. He said that it does make him feel angry that it is taking so long to do the repairs to the road. At Dawlish they cracked on with three hundred staff and the job was done. He added that we seem to be left out here, on our own, with not a lot of care.
Angela Richards
Angela Richards, from Brenda's Shop, said people cannot get through to the shop, and it has got very quiet. The village relies a lot on tourism. Most of the village is second homes, and when you come towards Coverack all the signs are saying no access, no through road.
Zoe Holmes
Zoe Holmes, from the Bay Hotel, reported that she was two thirds down on last year, and that has an impact on the whole village. Last year The Bay Hotel was full for Easter. She added that there is a noticeable lack of people compared with last year.

Go to the ITV website report

Coverack Beach
Coverack Beach 8th April

Coverack Beach

A fine warm day saw people on the beach and one or two hardy ones actually in the sea. So far this year there is plenty of sand.

Launching the Boats

In the weeks around Easter most boat owners in Coverack are getting their boats ready for the coming season. Some are already in the water as you can see from the photograph on the right.

Boats already launched
Coverack Harbour 8th April
rescue helicopter
On Thursday 3rd April a helicopter landed
on Coverack beach to take a young
woman to hospital after a fall.
See video by Neil Orford 4m 18s
See West Briton news 10th April

Progress on the Sea Wall

The ramp may become permanent
See Packet News Friday 14th March

Progress on the sea wall continues and on
Friday 4th April a second "lift" of concrete
was completed, placing about fifty tonnes.
The next concrete pour will be on Monday 14th
April. Sixty cubic metres has been ordered,
over 120 tonnes. This will raise the structure
by nearly two metres. After that a futher small
lift of nearly a metre is planned, and then the wall will step back towards the road for the following stage.
Read statement from Darren Proctor

Coverack Films
"Saving Mr Banks" will be shown on Friday 18th April 7.30 - 10pm at the Lambeage Hall.
More Details    See Poster

Easter Fun Run
Coverack Easter Fun Run will take place on Easter Monday
21st April, 2pm start from Coverack School. This is a fund raising event for CS2000 and RNLI. Come and join the fun!
1 mile route and a 4 mile route. For more details contact Caroline. Sponsor forms available from Brenda’s.
If you are able to help marshal the route
then please contact Caroline.
See Poster      Get Sponsor Form

Lambeage Hall
Updated plans fo
r the Lambeage Hall

Taken from the Lambeage Hall website

Lambeage Hall Management Committee AGM
 31st March 2014

Thirteen people attended the meeting at the Lambeage Hall, with Roger Combe as chairman. The Officers gave their reports which were duly adopted. Tim Hawkins was thanked for his informative treasurer's report which was handed out to those present. The committee was then re-elected en bloc, (proposed by Terry Thompson and seconded by Liz Wyatt). Roger Combe was re-appointed as President, as were the Trustees, Tim Hawkins, Bob Oxford and David Bruce.

Progress Report on the Lambeage Hall

Terry Thompson reported on the progress towards the rebuilding of the Lambeage Hall. The Planning Application
had been approved on 5th March 2013, and the detailed specification for Building Regulations was approved on 20th October 2013. The building cost was given as £680,000, not counting equipment for the interior. Applications for grant funding have been prepared, but not yet submitted.

The approvals gained in 2013 have been achieved without needing to call on the funds used for the running of the Hall.

Progress on the Sea Wall

On Thursday 3rd April Councillor Sanger received an email from Darren Proctor to say that he road will not now be open for Easter.
Read the email in PDF format

In an email to St Keverne Parish Council, Darren Proctor provided an update on the work.
Read his statement

The ramp may become permanent
See Packet News Friday 14th March

Defibrillator - Plans for Coverack

At the AGM of Coverack Space 2000, held on 17th March, it was decided to continue raising funds to place a defibrillator in the village. The probable cost will be in the region of £1,550.
Coverack Information Point (CIP) will be the group accepting
donations and the proceeds of fund raising efforts.

Paul Williams, whose brother-in-law Ronnie died from a cardiac arrest, came to Coverack to tell us what is involved in getting a defibrillator for our village. The initiative in Coverack was begun by Pam Patten, who recognised the need for a local defibrillator. Paul recommended the model shown to the right, the Heartsine samaritan PAD 500p.

Defibrillator - Click for data

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Cleaning up the Coast Path to Lowland Point

A team of volunteers have been clearing plastic rubbish from the section of Coast Path from Coverack to Lowland Point. About half of the 20 bin liners filled can be seen in the photograph to the right. The work took place on the mornings of Friday 28th and Saturday 29th March, involving
National Trust volunteers and some from Coverack Space 2000. The severe storms of early February
have thrown waves, pebbles and small boulders
across the Coast Path as well as the rubbish.
The work was completed and the path to Lowland
Point is now clear of unsightly rubbish. Thank you!

Cleaning the Coast Path

29th March Cleaning up the Coast Path

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