August News from Coverack 2014 

What's on in Coverack 18th to 24th August 2014

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 Coverack Film Dates
Fridays at Lambeage Hall
19th Sept,  17th Oct,
21st Nov, 19th Dec.

Coverack Horticultural Show
Saturday 23rd August

These photographs show just three of the many categories seen at the Lambeage Hall.
Mermaid Kate
Kate, winner of the best dressed member of staff,
outside the Old Mill Shop with Marshall.
The Harbour Lights
Winners of the best dressed business outside the Harbour Lights Restaurant.

Coverack Pirate and Mermaid Day
Tuesday 19th August

Coverack businesses joined in the fun, dressing up their premises or themselves with a Pirate and or Mermaid theme.
Businesses taking part were:

Robin's Windsurfing Centre

Elizabeth's Pasties

The Fat Mackerel

The Harbour Lights Restaurant

The Old Mill Shop

‘Caring For Children In Their Own Homes’

and Brenda's Shop

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See report on Pirate and Mermaid Day

Jazz Evening
Jazz Evening at Ponsongath
on 15th August

Jazz Evening at Ponsongath

About two hundred people attended Pippa's "Jazz in the Garden" event this year. The weather was good, as was the food, and the liquid refreshment.
The entertainment for the evening was provided by multi-instrumentalist Jonathon Coudrille and his group of musicians. The sum of £1,400 was raised by the event for the Fisherman's Mission, based in Newlyn.

It is hoped that the Santander Bank will match fund the amout raised, to increase the value of the gift.

Mermaids' and Pirates' Day

Tuesday 19th August

See poster


You are invited to:

Bank Holiday Fete - 2.0 pm Monday 25 August

at the Lambeage Hall and Field

Catamaran towed into Coverack Bay

Capsized Catamaran
Capsized catamaran close to Coverack Beach
Thursday 14th August 10am

Wednesday 13th August
At about 17:45 the capsized catanaran pictured above, was towed into Coverack Bay by a fishing boat, believed to be the 8 metre Treneglos FH 395.

Capsized during a race

It is believed that this is the Firebird catamaran, Ultra Violet, which was racing near the Manacles, at the time of the capsize. Peter Stevens, the previous owner of Westcountry Watersports at Mylor, was taking part in one of the sailing races of Falmouth Week when the capsize happened. It is reported that the two-man crew was air-lifted to Treliske Hospital suffering from hypothermia.

Chris Pryor was asked to tow the catamaran nearer to Coverack beach, where it is believed that there will be an attempt made to right it, as the tide goes out this Thursday afternoon

Thursday 14th evening


The catamaran has now been turned the right way up, with the mast lashed on the boat. The two hulls had to be separated, turned over, and re-joined.

Coverack Regatta  10th August

Go Bang Race
The boats near the finish of the Go Bang Race

Swimming Race
Felix Egan Winning Swimming Race
Boys 16 and under
Photo by John Hanley
Pillow Fight
Pillow Fight
Ladies' Paddle Race
Ladies' Paddle Race
Tora leads the two Rachels
Photo by John Hanley
Helicopter and Lifeboat
Rescue Helicopter and Lifeboat
RNLI Stall
RNLI Stall on Lifeboat Day

Coverack Lifeboat Day - 9th August

A good crowd attended Coverack Lifeboat Day, enjoying a sunny afternoon. People were able to watch the display put on by the rescue helicopter and the Falmouth Lifeboat, the Richard Cox Scott. The Lifeboat moored at the end of the quay so that visitors could go on board. There were stalls on the harbour, and up by the telephone box. There was also a display by the St Keverne History Society in the Friendship Cellar. A combination of photographs and written texts told of local involvement in the First World War, remembering those who did not return.

Garden at Tregisky
Coverack Open Gardens Day
On Sunday 3rd August Coverack Horticultural Society hosted its eighth annual gardens day.
The sun shone and many people came to see the fourteen gardens on view.

£735 was raised by the open gardens day, and an application has been made to obtain matched funding, to increase the amount to be given.

The funds raised will be donated to Children's Hospice South West.

Gloria Knight says how grateful she is, to all the kind people of the village who helped to make it a success.
Tree ferns
Tree ferns at Heather Bank
Coverack Dragon
The Coverack Dragon
Click photo to enlarge
Box of Chocolates
Box of Chocolates
Click photo to enlarge

Sand Castle Competition

29th July 2014

The winners of the Best Family Sand Sculpture were The Smiths with their spectacular ‘Coverack Dragon.’ The Drysdales received Highly Commended for their sand sculpted box of cholates (with one missing) entitled ‘Chocoholics.’ ‘The Lizard’ received Best in the children’s only section constructed by The Aces and Dolly received Highly Commended for her ‘Ballet Pump.’

See detailed report

Possible Re-opening of Dean Quarry

A small exhibition was held in the St Keverne Parish Hall on Wednesday 23rd July. The public consultation showed plans for the proposed re-opening of Dean Quarry, to provide rock armour for a tidal lagoon in Swansea Bay. The stone would be carried by sea, and the preferred option is to build two deep water berths, sheltered by a jetty.
Negotiations are under way to purchase the Quarry from the present owners, Cemex. There is also a current application to have conditions discharged.
If the hurdles are overcome, it is planned to export about 40,000 tonnes of rock per week, requiring a work force of around 35 people. The earliest date for preparatory work could be October 2014, with extraction starting in June 2015,

See more about Swansea Bay Lagoon Project

Read West Briton article 31st July

Dean Quarry in 1970s

Dean Quarry
Click photo to enlarge

The site covers about 108 acres.
Dean Quarry has been disused for about ten years.

The stone extracted is gabbro.

Men of Dean Quarry

Dean Quarry Men
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Ramps around 1900

Coverack Beach as it was

This is how the old ramps looked
Photo thanks to Andrew Wootten-Williams
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