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Friday 9th December:  Love and Friendship

Coverack Christmas Tree

Car Problem

2nd December 11am
A car is parked in the way

Coverack Christmas Tree

Haul Away

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Coverack Christmas Tree

Tree in Place

A tall slender tree is in place

Children's Christmas Craft Workshop

Saturday 10th December 1pm - 3pm

at St Peters Church Hall Coverack

£4 per child

Organised by Coverack Space 2000

See more details

New Facebook Page for Coverack

Coverack Village Community on Facebook

Don't Lose The Plot!

Join our fund raising campaign to secure the triangular plot of land at the entrance to Chymbloth Way and create a Remembrance Garden and much needed extension to the churchyard.

There have been several failed planning applications to develop this small, triangular plot of land adjacent to St. Peter's Church. If we miss this opportunity to acquire the land for the village, the
plot could be over developed and the view of the Church in its stunning surroundings destroyed.

See more details

Maen Voes Choir

Wednesday 14th December 7.30pm


It is the Maen Voes Choir's 3rd Annual Christmas Concert on Wednesday 14th December 2016 at 7.30pm in St Keverne Church.

Free entry, and refreshments
MD Andrew Wood,
Accompanist Irena Bennett,
Guest Flautist Christelle Challand.


A 771 squadron search and rescue helicopter will be seen again over Coverack this Christmas.

Thanks to an original idea from Margaret Oxford , the 12 foot by 6 foot rope light feature will be part of Coverack's illuminations this year. Along with several other new and rebuilt items.

The helicopter feature will be lit on Christmas Tree night, with the rest of the many superb features, purchased with donations from the public.

Coverack Christmas Tree Night

Saturday 10th December

Switch on is at 6.45pm

See a poster

Christmas Tree night features a children's choir and torchlight procession, Santa in a pony drawn sleigh with a present for every child, Illumination Brass Band,
Roast Beef and BBQ, jacket potatoes and cheese, raffles etc.

All proceeds go towards the annual upkeep of the lights which will remain on till Jan 6th.

Coverack Christmas Lights

Putting up the Dolphin

Dolphin lights

Ian, Bob, Charles, JohnB, Bill, Terry, Tim, Alan and John

Christmas Lights - A Christmas Tree

Putting in the lamps

John, Charles and George putting in the lamps

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Christmas Lights - Getting Ready

Sorting out connections

Harry, Graham, Bob, Charles, Terry and IanB sorting out the leads to various light features.
(10th December for the switching on ceremony)

Supermoon Over Coverack Harbour

Moonrise at Coverack

Sunday 13th November at 5.36pm
looking East at Moonrise

Supermoon over Coverack

The most spectacular supermoon since 1948 lit up the sky, appearing 14 per cent bigger and 30 per cent brighter than usual.

The moon was at its closest on Monday 14th November at 11.23am, closer to Earth than it has been for 69 years.

This shortest point, known as "perigee" - is a distance of 221,525 miles (356,510 km).

Nothing will match it until the moon makes a similar approach in its eliptical orbit on November 25th 2034.

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Coverack 13th November

Moon over Coverack

Moon over Coverack at 5.41pm

Coverack Charity Car Park

Sally Bowers leaving

Sally Bowers leaves with her two sons,
on Monday 7th November.

Coverack Charity Car Park

BBC1 South West reported in their evening news bulletin that Sally Bowers' eleven year occupation of Coverack car park has come to an end. Court bailiffs arrived at 2pm to execute a possession order. A fence has been erected around the top tier of the car park.

Ms Bowers told reporter David George that she has liaised with St Keverne Parish Council to plan the removal of the fifteen vehicles remaining in the car park.

Vehicles must be removed by Ms Bowers by 5th December.


Coverack Charity Car Park

Securing the fence

David Lambrick, Chairman of St Keverne
Parish Council, secures the site.



Coverack Fireworks by Robin Hobson

Three photographs by Robin


Coverack Fireworks by Robin Hobson

Coverack Bonfire Night

Fireworks by Kathy White

Photo by Kathy White

Coverack Bonfire Night

The lovely photographs to the left were taken this year by Kathy White, and were uploaded to the Coverack Community Facebook page.

Go to Coverack Community Facebook page

Click on a photo to enlarge it.

Caroline says, "A huge thank you to all of those who worked so hard to make Coverack’s Bonfire Night a great success."

Read Caroline's report

Coverack Bonfire Night

Fireworks by Alicia Combe

Historic photo by Alicia Combe

Coverack Bonfire Night

Fireworks by Arial Cornwall

Arial Cornwall photo from last year

Coverack Bonfire Night

Currently there is more money to come in but it looks like we will cover our costs so we can run the event again next year.

Coverack Bonfire Night

Coverack Charity Car Park

Coverack Charity Car Park

Upper tier on 18th October

Bailiffs to Clear Car Park

(based on the West Briton report)

An eleventh-hour court appeal by Ms Bowers was rejected on 1st November, effectively ending her efforts through the courts to resist the eviction.

At a hearing at Cornwall County Court in Truro, judge Simon Carr dismissed Ms Bower's application for an appeal against a warrant issued for her removal from the car park. He said the appeal was out of time as it should have been lodged within 21 days of the original notice and did not put forward any grounds for appeal.

Read more from the West Briton


Sally Bowers and her two sons, now grown up, have been living in the top section of North Corner car park in Coverack on the Lizard peninsula for more than a decade despite attempts to have them removed. Now St Keverne Parish Council is poised to send in bailiffs to seize the site and evict the travellers once and for all.

Graeme Wilkinson's story in the West Briton reports that Ms Bowers has now been notified that a company of bailiffs have been instructed to attend on Monday.

Water flooding down the Church steps

Church steps, Coverack

Also at 7.08pm, photos by Brian Wooller
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Chymbloth Way - Remembrance Garden?

An open meeting was held at St Peter's Hall on Monday 11th October at 3pm. About a dozen villagers met to discuss the future of the triangular plot of land on the right just as you enter Chymbloth Way. Lindsay Fowler, who lives in Corner Cottage, next to Elizabeth Watts, led the meeting. She is keen to see the plot developed for community use, and has experience in other community projects. The use of the land as an extension to the Churchyard with a small remembrance garden seemed to be the favoured option.

It was decided to pursue the idea of purchasing the land for the community from the present owner, Natalie Rawson. Lindsay will start working on publicity and fund raising.

Paris Hotel Coverack

Curry Night in aid of Coverack Christmas Lights

Friday 11th November from 7pm

Curry + Glass of Wine £10

See poster

RNLI Quiz in Aid of Lifeboats

There was a quiz in aid of the Lifeboats on Saturday 21st October at 7pm in St Peters church hall. Entry included a hot pasty in the interval, minimum £4 each.

Ian Bayley comments: A full hall enjoyed a light hearted evening hosted by Martin Lea and we raised a total of £504 for the organisation.


Margaret Parkes - Work for Charities

Margaret Parkes
Margaret tending her stall

Click photo to enlarge

Margaret Parkes - Work for Charities

Margaret and her husband, David, retired to Coverack in 1987.  When David died Margaret coped with her loss by devoting herself to her garden at Battery Cottage, and the large garden in front of Prospect Cottage, Sunny Corner.
Margaret began to sell surplus produce from the gardens and has over the years been helped by four gardeners: Vic, George, Barry and Graham. It was Barry who made the sales table outside Battery Cottage, where the surplus produce is for sale.
The money earned over the years by Margaret’s little stall has grown to an amazing £22,250, which she has distributed in £50 slices to over twenty charities, recently to the Cornwall Air Ambulance and the RNLI.

Read more

Flowers in the Wall

Garden in the Wall

Margaret has made it her job to keep these little gardens filled with Lampranthus flowers

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Video of Coverack on Youtube

David Skentelbery from Lymm in Cheshire has put together some short videos of Coverack , which can be viewed on youtube by following the link below. The compilation lasts for just over 6 minutes.

I found the narration a bit quiet in relation to the background music, but there are some interesting shots of the village.

Watch the video here

See more photos taken on 14th September

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