January and February News from Coverack 

30 species of wild flower in bloom on New Year's Day in Coverack

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 Coverack Film Dates
Lambeage Hall
Friday 20th March
The Imitation Game

Extra Low Tide

Low Tide

Coverack Harbour 21st February
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Big Tides

There is a cycle in tidal patterns that repeats about every 18 years. The current large Spring tides will be repeated next month around 21st March. The strongest influence is from the Moon and Sun, but there is a small pull from planets too. Atmospheric pressure and wind direction can also make a significant difference to tidal heights


See photos of Cornish sites exposed by the low tides on the Packet website


What a big beach!

Big beach
Coverack Beach on 21st February
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Road to Remain Open

A land slip last Easter closed the single track road from the top of Carne Creek to St Anthony. At first Cornwall Council planned to close the road, reducing it to a bridleway. Now it has been decided to repair the road as soon as possible in the new financial year.

County Councillor Bert Biscoe met with local residents in Manaccan at a public meeting. Andrew George M.P. says he is pleased that the road is to be re-instated. The road is especially important to St Anthony in Meneage Church, and to boatyard owner Anthony Jenkin.

Read article in Helston Packet

U3A Walkers on Dolor Point

U3A walkers

U3A members from the Carrick branch met on Dolor Point on 17th February in bright sunshine. Their plan was to walk by road to Treleaver and then back to Coverack along the Coast Path.


St Keverne Allotments Available


This site is close to the village of St Keverne, has parking, a water supply and an Ecoloo.

If you would like to consider renting a plot email:


for further details and availability.

St Keverne Parish Council

New sites for "Travellers"

The Parish Council supported plans to build a site for Coverack's resident "travellers". The proposal is for a new site on Goonhilly Downs with an area of hard standing for three caravans, and a septic tank. It is down a short track almost opposite to Croft Pascoe Pool.

Parish Councillors also backed a plan by Michael Tylor to build twelve houses on the edge of Coverack, four of which will be affordable.

Based on a report in the West Briton

Proposed New Site for "Travellers"

New Site

(Copied from Google Earth)

St Keverne Parish Council

The Parish Council gave their support to plans by Arquiva to get rid of the mobile phone "not spot" in Coverack. At present mobile phone reception is poor or not available in Coverack. The erection of a base station near Trewillis Farm should cure the problem, which has implications for safety as well as convenience.

Based on a report in the Helston Packet

Planning Application Refused

Dwelling in Chymbloth Way

The planning application to build a dwelling on the triangular plot, at the junction of Chymbloth way and Mill Road, was refused. Cornwall Council Planning Committee voted against the proposal on 9th February by eleven votes to three.

See the documents relevant to the application PA14/11270

Illustrative Sketch of Proposed Dwelling

Illustrative Sketch
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Proposed Dwelling in Chymbloth Way

At the Planning Meeting on 9th Feb

Bob Oxford spoke on behalf of residents.

Rob Beadle spoke as a Coverack Ward member of the St Keverne Parish Council.

Walter Sanger spoke as County Councillor for the Coverack area.

Dean Quarry

Strong Feelings at Meeting on 30th January

Around 300 people attended a public meeting in St Keverne Parish Hall to meet with Mark Shorrock, the man behind the plans to re-open Dean Quarry.

According to a report in the West Briton, the meeting was interrupted by calls, shouts and insults from a section of the audience.

Mr Shorrock told the meeting that the rock can be taken away by road or by sea, and that he would prefer to take it away by sea.

He was accused of bullying the local community.

Dean Quarry Mineral Rights

Mineral Rights Map
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Links to the information provided by Mark Shorrock

Presentations given on 30th January

Shire Oak Quarries Limited

Opposition to the Re-opening of Dean Quarry

Those opposing the re-opening of Dean Quarry have their own website which can be found by clicking the link below:


They have formed a group: Community Against Dean Super Quarry (CADS), to publicise the harms that they believe will follow from the re-opening of the quarry. They cite pollution by dust and noise, harm to the tourist industry, health risks, and damage to an area of outstanding natural beauty.

A full list of their concerns can be seen by visiting their website homepage, shown above.

Coverack Lunch Club Celebrates 25 Years

Team of helpers

Lunch Club members were treated to a buffet lunch on Wednesday 21st January at St Peter's Hall Coverack. Above you can see the team of helpers who were able to eat with the rest of the members on this special occasion. The lunch club has been meeting fortnightly for 25 years, for eight months of each year.

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Here is a group of original members.

Original members

Most of those standing are original members who first enjoyed the pleasures of the Coverack Lunch Club 25 years ago.

See more photos on the Lunch Club page

New Harbour Master for Coverack

Peter Barker has now retired as Harbour Master and John Carey is the new Harbour Master.


Work in Coverack Harbour
on 23rd January

Dean Quarry - Public Meeting
Friday 30th January 2015 6pm - 9pm
St Keverne Parish Hall

Topics will include:
6.00pm Introduction and overview
6.05pm Project description
6.30pm Coastal processes assessment
6.45pm Marine ecology assessment
7.00pm Noise assessment
7.15pm Future plans, community benefits,
and employment opportunities
7.30pm Open floor for Q and A

See a poster about the meeting

Dean Quarry Proposed Breakwater


Frigate St Albans in Coverack Bay

F83 St Albans

F83 type23 frigate St Albans visiting Coverack Bay
on 21st January at about 2pm

MBE for John Campbell

A Coverack man who has dedicated four decades of his life to the Royal Navy has been appointed an MBE in the Queen’s New Year Honours List.
'Chief Petty Officer Airman (aircralt handler) John Campbell, who is based at RNAS, Culdrose, was made a Member of the Order of the British Empire for his work in both the regular and reserve forces.

Read the full report by Emma Ferguson
in the Helston Packet

With photograph

Public Meeting about Dean Quarry 14th Jan

Wednesday 14th January
St Keverne Methodist Church Hall 7pm

The hall was packed with at least 125 members of the public and several parish Councillors, with Roger Combe in the chair. Councillor Lambrick was called upon to speak at the start. He pointed out that the Parish Council cannot have a view on the possible re-opening of Dean Quarry because at present it is all hypothetical. He suggested that the members of the public should form a committee to put forward their case. Members of the public made many points against the re-opening of Dean Quarry, and no-one spoke in favour. Jo Anselmi, from Porthkerris Divers cited potential harm to water clarity, harm to marine wildlife and unpredictable longshore drift. Paul Racey from Cadgwith, emphasised the huge scale of the operation proposed, saying that it should be seen as a super quarry.

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Public Meeting about Dean Quarry 14th Jan

Toby Roskilly from Roskilly's Organic Farm spoke of his concern that quarrying could come within 30 yards of the Croust House. John Vipond feared that any local jobs provided would be more than offset by a serious loss of jobs in the local tourist trade. Near the end of the meeting John Vipond asked for a show of hands for those opposed to the re-opening, and the vast majority raised their hands. When invited, no-one voted in favour of the reopening, and a count of those abstaining came to about ten.

Several members of the public agreed to serve on a committee to oppose the re-opening. More news of this committee will be given when the membership is known.

Useful email addresses:
Grace Hatton Clerk to St Keverne Parish Council:

Councillor Walter Sanger, Cornwall Council:

St Keverne Parish Council

Meeting 8th January 2015

Nearly 30 members of the public were present as the meeting began. Following the report from the police on local crimes, and Walter Sanger's report as County Councillor, there was an opportunity for members of the public to ask questions.

One topic of concern to residents of Coverack was the planning application, PA14 11270, to build a single storey dwelling at the junction of Mill Road and Chymbloth Way. David Bruce, and Bob Oxford spoke raising objections to the planning application. Margaret Oxford suggested that Mill Road should be widened, using the strip of land originally owned by Kerrier Council.

St Keverne Parish Council decided to recommend refusal of the planning application, PA14 11270.


St Keverne Parish Council

Meeting 8th January 2015

Another topic of concern to members of the public was the proposed re-opening of Dean Quarry to supply rock armour to a lagoon project near Swansea.
John Vipond spoke of the health hazard resulting from wind-borne silica dust, and he doubted whether the project would result in much local employment for young people in the locality. Wendy was concerned about the impact on tourism in the area, if Dean Quarry were to be re-opened. She thought that there could be a loss of jobs in the tourism industry. Other members of the public were worried about an adverse impact on the Manacles as a venue for SCUBA divers, and the nuisance coming from ships, being used as accommodation for workers.

There will be a public meeting about the proposed re-opening of Dean Quarry on Wednesday 14th January at 7pm in the Methodist Hall, St Keverne.

See a poster about the meeting

Taking Down the Christmas Lights

Ben Roskilly
Saturday 10th January

Ben Roskilly collecting up the poles which supported the strings of lights on Mill Road. Ben is helped by Ian Rogers and Harry Hicks, loading the poles on to Ben's trailer. Ben is a key member of the team, providing transport and storage of Coverack Christmas lights.

Out on the Course

Ideal conditions at Mullion golf course
Photos by Ed Oxford

Coverack Masters Golf Tournament

This years Coverack Masters Golf Tournament held at Mullion Golf Club on Sunday 28th Dec attracted 27 golfers and 42 for the dinner afterwards. It was played in extremely unusual conditions of warm sunshine and little wind. The competition was won by Sean Flynn with a huge score of 47 points with Simon Kearsley (39) and Brian Wooler in his debut (38)
Last years winner Chas Patten presented Sean with the coveted green blazer.


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Sean Flynn wins Coverack Masters

The winner
Last year's winner, Chas Patten, hands on
the coveted green blazer to the winner

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Video of storm 14th February

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Helston Packet News on Coverack Car Park

Tim Pickett, a designer and architect in the village, told the last meeting of St Keverne Parish Council that he was working with local farmer Mr Tylor to bring about a private traveller site, linked with an affordable housing project, in a bid to finally find a solution to the long-running issue.

Mr Sanger said: “We’re hopefully going to have a transient site within the parish. The process is going through and it doesn’t happen immediately.

Read the original article on the Packet website

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