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Lambeage Hall 19 June,
24 July,
19th June "Selma"

771 Squadron 21st May

771 squadron
Photo from a video by Bob Oxford
See Bob's video

771 Squadron 21st May

Bob's video shows 771 Squadron from RNAS Culdrose flying over Coverack Bay on their celebration of 76 years of work around the Cornish Coast, and further destinations.

The familiar red and grey colours of their helicopters have been seen at many Coverack Lifeboat Days demonstrating their impressive search and rescue skills. They will still be at work, providing the service until the end of 2015.

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"Queen Victoria" passes Coverack

Queen Victoria passes Coverack
Cunard liner Queen Victoria passes Coverack
3.36pm 24th May - Photo by Richard Murphy
Wild Flower Walks - Spring Squill

Spring Squill

We saw over fifty species of wild flowers on 14th May beside the cliff path. It was good to see Spring Squill, Burnet Rose, Bloody Cranesbill, Early Purple Orchid and Ox-eye Daisies.
See a complete list

Wild Flower Walk on Treleaver Cliff

Wild Flower Group
A group of about sixteen people, including two ladies from the USA, walked the coast path from Treleaver to Blackhead. This was the second walk in the series of eight, organised by Coverack Space 2000. The next walk is on Goonhilly Downs on 28th May.

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Seal Visits Coverack


Seals have been seen frquently in Coverack Bay, and around the harbour. Also a dolphin has been reported swimming just outside the harbour wall.

This one was below Greystones on 16th May.

Paris Hotel - Winners Trophy and Certificate

Paris Hotel trophy

Paris Hotel Coverack Awarded Trophy

The trophy and winner's certificate are shown on the left. The Paris Hotel was judged as the best accommodation house of 2014 out of one hundred and fifty pubs, in the St Austell Breweries group.
The restaurant, with its all round sea views, has been completely refurnished, with new paintwork, carpets, blinds, tables and chairs.

A new boat has been installed as a feature, with lobster pots, a crab and a ship's wheel.

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The Refurnished Restaurant

Refurnished Restaurant

The new furniture, and boat feature
at the Paris Hotel, Coverack

Four Boats Launched on 25th April

A week after the rough seas of 18th April four boats were moved from their winter resting place, down into the harbour. Geoffrey Roberts, Tony Carey, George Watters and Bill Frisken got their boats down on to the water.

On 9th May Dale Wilson's boat and Charles Patten's boat were put in the water.


Reminder about the Post Office

You can access all Post Office sevices, (except vehicle tax renewal), at St Peter's Church Hall Coverack.

The times of opening are on Mondays and Thursdays
from 2pm to 5pm, except Bank Holidays.

The chances of Coverack being able to retain the service may depend on how much it is used.

Dean Quarry
The group Community Against Dean Superquarry (CADS) has announced a legal appeal to prevent the development of Dean Quarry by Shire Oak Quarries. CADS is seeking donations from the public to fund the legal appeal, to fight the planned development. Permission to build a breakwater in the Manacles Marine Conservation Zone (MCZ) would have to be granted by the Marine Management Organisation. It will be the first time that the status of a MCZ has been tested in the UK.

Based on report in the Helston Packet
6th May Page 7


Saturday 18th April - East wind

Coverack Harbour

The harbour wall stands firm

Waves at the Harbour

Coverack Harbour

See a video filmed on April 18th

A boat is hidden by a wave

Coverack Harbour

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Easter Monday Fun Run

Coverack Fun Run
Caroline starts the run on the school field

Fun Run Raises £300

The event, now in its sixth year and organised by Coverack Space 2000, raises funds for both the community group itself and the Coverack branch of the RNLI. Almost 30 runners took part this year and raised at least £300 for the two organisations.

The top three in the four-mile route were all local youngsters. Joslin Edwards Moore finished first, followed by Joe Tanswell, second; and Nell Savage, third. Joint first in the one-mile event were Gabriel and Lilian.

Read more in the Helston Packet

Super Quarry News in Helston Packet

In an article in the 15th April edition, there are views from the group, Community Against Dean Super Quarry, and from a spokesperson for Shire Oak Quarries. It is proposed to extract between 1.9 and 3.1 million tonnes of rock for a tidal lagoon in Swansea Bay. Shire Oak Quarries hope to be able to transport the rock by sea, which would involve building a breakwater and loading port. Jonathan Kearsley has been appointed by Shire Oak Quarries as director for stakeholder relations.

Read more in the Helston Packet

Tall Ship Visits Coverack

Stavros s Niarchos
Stavros S Niarchos at Anchor
off Dolor Point on 15th April

Stavros S Niarchos under full sail

Under full sail

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Stavros S Niarchos

Completed in 2000 at the Appledore Ship Yards Devon, the Stavros S Niarchos is a brig. Brigs have two masts both carrying square sails. She belongs to the Tall Ship Youth Trust.

She is primarily designed to provide young people with the opportunity to undertake voyages as character-building exercises, rather than pure sail-training.

She has come round Lands End from the Bristol Channel and is next headed for Bigbury Bay, South Devon.

Dean Quarry - Minor works Approved

The west sub-area planning committee of Cornwall Council granted permission for Shire Oak to build a perimeter fence, fuel and explosive storage, office, reception and amenity areas at their meeting on 7th April.

Councillor Sanger, quoted in the Helston Packet, said "This application is just preparation for what is to come."

Details of planning Application

Churchyard Full of Primroses


A mass of primroses in Coverack churchyard

Jackdaws build "une belle maison"

Jackdaw's nest
A desirable residence, close to the church

Booms Heard on Monday 6th April 3pm

Reports of booms heard in Coverack, and by walkers near The Lizard village may have been related to the NATO fleet which included at least six vessels specialising in mine warfare. It has been suggested that the booms may have been the fleet using the naval firing range off Dodman Point.


See news of the NATO group in the Packet

The Polish Ship ORP Mewa


One of the fleet of ten ships seen from Coverack

NATO Fleet Seen From Coverack

A ten strong NATO fleet of ships visited Falmouth on 2nd April. The ships could be seen from Coverack steaming South, at about 10.30am on Tuesday 7th April. The ships are part of Standing NATO Mine Counter Measures Groups 1 and 2.
The ships were, ORP Mewa (Poland), TCG Anamur (Turkey), HMS Pembroke (UK), HNOMS Rauma (Finland), Bad Bevensen (Germany), HNLMS Willemstad and BNS Lobelia (Belgium), FGS Donau (Germany), ITS Euro (Italy), and FGS Auerbach (Germany)

Seals Visit Coverack

Seal with fish
This photograph was taken by Nick Jackson
on 31st March in Coverack


Craft Fair 4th April St Peter's Hall

Glass work
Sue Englefield with her work in glass
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Craft Fair 4th April St Peter's Hall

Patti Murphy with her patchwork

£310,000 for Coverack Sea Wall

The Government has said that £310,000 has been allocated for the refurbishment to the sea wall at Coverack. The project is being run by Cornwall Council and £155,000 has already been allocated with the remaining money still to be found.
The scheme is scheduled to begin next year but no further details were available. Parish Councillor Bill Frisken said the sea wall needed to be kept in good repair. "I would be happy if they were putting this money into maintaining the present sea wall. It would show their intention in the future to hold the line."

Maintaining Coverack Sea Wall

Mr Frisken added that the sea wall needed a protective toe around the base of the wall to prevent undermining by the waves. "That will cost a lot more than £300,000, but if they are putting new money into maintenance that can only be a good thing."

Last year Coverack was cut off after the fierce winter storms created a hole in the sea wall, undermining the road.

Information based on an item in the West Briton
2nd April 2015

Good Friday Cross 11.42am

Coverack Beach Cross

Recently completed cross on Coverack Beach
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St Keverne Parish Council

New sites for "Travellers"

The Parish Council supported plans to build a site for Coverack's resident "travellers". The proposal is for a new site on Goonhilly Downs with an area of hard standing for three caravans, and a septic tank. It is down a short track almost opposite to Croft Pascoe Pool.

Parish Councillors also backed a plan by Michael Tylor to build twelve houses on the edge of Coverack, four of which will be affordable.

Based on a report in the West Briton

23rd March - Post Office Opens

Coverack Post Office
The first customer was a lady from Marseille. The second was Maureen Brumbly, caretaker of St.Peter's hall and the third Joan Kearsley from the village.
The times of opening on Mondays and Thursdays
from 2pm to 5pm, except Bank Holidays.

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